The Pupillo Farm was founded in 1908 on land that was once part of the fief of Targia, the site of the medieval castle Solacium built by Frederick II. The fertile soil yields luscious fruits and vegetables. Ancient olive trees and vines are harvested to produce olive oil and wines of unparalleled taste and quality.

Nino Pupillo has devoted more than twenty years of his life to preserve the vineyards of his ancestors. His mission to cultivate and revitalize the indigenous moscato grape varietal is now passed on to his children. Using both ancient and modern techniques, the Pupillo family produce Moscato and Nero d’Avola of the highest quality.


Nino Pupillo
U Baruni

Born in 1950, Nino studied agronomy. Thirty years ago, he had the mad idea to devote himself to Moscato di Siracusa - with excellent results.


Carmela Pupillo

Born in 1977, Carmela has a degree in literature and a sommelier diploma. She has the ubiquity super-power, but you can’t reach her by phone.


Sebastiano Pupillo

Born in 1976, Sebà has a degree in communication, a long beard and a camera around neck. He is the hipster of the family, and lives in Rome.


The Pupillo estate is located near the Megara Hyblaea, one of the first Greek colonies in Sicily built along the Ionian Sea, where there are remnants of the ancient Euryalus Castle and fortress dating back to the 5th century BC. The land stretches over 250 acres, and white Moscato and red Nero d’Avola vines thrive in six plots: Senie, Mulino, Podere 27, Tre Ettari, Favaraggio and Vignazza delle Monache. The soil is rich with limestone and volcanic ash that promotes softness to the Moscato wine, while providing structure to the Nero d’Avola.

The grapes are carefully selected and harvested in the cool summer mornings to preserve their organoleptic properties. Nature meets human craftsmanship once the grapes are pressed, blended, and bottled, resulting in wines that are redolent of orange blossoms, citrus, raisins, peaches, apricots, jasmine, and honey. Pupillo wines are the resulting art of winemaking traditions that span a century and tell the story of the city of Syracuse.



Entrepreneurial vision, local roots, and an indissoluble bond to the ancient, indigenous vines of Targia have always been the strengths of the Pupillo family. During the first decade of the twentieth century, Antonio Pupillo, a young lawyer and major of a small town, fell in love with Targia and its naturalistic beauty. He purchased Frederick II’s castle and made it his home.

In the late 80s, Nino Pupillo, the third-generation vintner, revitalized the use of the long forgotten Moscato di Siracusa. Today, the Pupillo family grow some of the unique produce native to Syracuse (such as blood oranges known locally as tarocco, sanguinello and moro) on their land. Moreover, you will discover wine that celebrates the traditional enological culture of this magnificent province of Sicily.


Eloisa Barresi
Baroness of Canseria


Antonino Pupillo
Major of Ferla


Sebastiano Pupillo
Lawyer and entrepreneur