The Nunnery

For those who enjoy spending time in a rural setting shaped by a spiritual and agricultural past, please inquire about booking your vacation with us. The reception area of the Nunnery is also the perfect place to accommodate a meeting or winetasting. Surrounded by ancient vineyards, it offers the perfect respite to the long, Sicilian summer.

The Nunnery and the old chapel are two adjacent buildings with similar origins to the fortified Solacium property. Austere yet elegant, they are inextricably connected to Siracusa’s medieval and Renaissance history.

When Targia was still a farming village, this part of the Baron’s property was the home to a community of nuns who planted crops, produced wine, and provided religious and basic education to the local farmer’s children.

Currently, only four rooms on the ground floor of the property have been restored. Our long-term plan is to renovate the entire ex-nunnery and revitalize its ancient fields with more grapevines and a lush garden. As we work to renew this property and its land, we also acknowledge our responsibility to do so sustainably. Therefore, we fully promote eco-sustainable tourism within this agricultural environment.


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